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      Hey all,

      New to the MTB community. Got face-whipped a few times last weekend, and wanted to see what everyone’s favorite trail glasses were? Would also like to know what it is you love about them, as well as any cons they might have, however small.

      Appreciate all the help.

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      A couple of the coaches from my NICA team swear by the Tifosi glasses.  I need prescription glasses,  so I am limited in what I can buy.

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      Rudy Project. Lot’s of models to choose from. Everything is switchable/replaceable, you can even put your RX into them. Not cheap though.

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      Another big fan of Tifosis. I’ve worn the Swicks for a couple of years and switched to a pair of Sledges last winter. The big lens look of the Sledge isn’t my favorite look, but I love the AC Red lens, the coverage is about 98% of what you’d get with goggles, and they absolutely do not move on your face.  If you need a smaller frame, the Sledge Lite is a viable option.


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      Classic Oakley… Now the polarized lenses are available and I would really like to try that option.

      M2frame has the blind spot free feature that I greatly appreciate as well as the unique feel.

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