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      I’m building a 27.5 mountain bike , eBike. I retired here from USA, 90% of were I’m riding is asphalt.

      I want the best tire wit the highest durometer . For lest drag. Could use some help with finding a great tire I can make tubeless.

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      How wide of a tire are you looking for? Usually asphalt tires are pretty narrow when compared to MTB tires. You may want to check into road bike or gravel tires and verify your rim is compatible.

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      I had a set of Maxxis Refuse on a set of 27.5 rims when I was in Japan.  They were great.

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      Thx for link man!

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      What budget do you have for that aim?

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      What is asphalt?

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      Dank, asphalt is a known allergen to mountain bikes…

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