Best time to buy a new bike?

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      I’m looking at getting a new mountain bike around December . That got me thinking what is the best time to go bike shopping?

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      It varies a little between manufacturers, but the best deals seem to be when “last years models” are on sale in anticipation of the new year’s models.  Just like car sales.  Happening now with some manufacturer’s.  Often, there’s little difference from one year to the next… maybe some changes in equipment specs, colors, etc., so you basically get he same bike at a nice discount.

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        For me it’s always around fall, when last years model are reduced in price.

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      Hey thanks… That’s what I was thinking. I thought sense I’m new in here I should use the people who have been though that sort of thing.

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      Late Summer/Fall is good. A lot of shops have limited space and really want to get rid of current model year bikes. You can sometimes haggle yourself a really good deal. On that note keep a look out for current or previous model year bikes. They’re usually very similar if not identical to the next year’s models but go can go for at least 30% off. I’ve seen some online for up to 60% off.

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      As others have said, I’ve found that fall is a good time to look (unless – maybe – you’re looking for a fat bike). There are also a lot of ‘Black Friday’ deals that sometimes add an additional discount onto the fall ‘last year’s model’ discount.

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      The time to look is now through end of year.  I just posted a link in the “deals” thread on bikes that Jenson has on sale right now.  Over the coming weeks/months there will be more bikes on sale and the discounts will get deeper for some.  Here’s the rub, once your size sells out you’re SOL.  My advice: figure out what you are looking for now either in terms of specific bikes or at least components/geometry and know your size.  When one of the bikes you want goes on sale in your size contact the vendor/LBS and find out how many are in stock in your size.  That’s when you make the decision to either pull the trigger or roll the dice.

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      I just bought a new Cannondale Habit 2, (2017 model on closeout).   Retail: $5,600.  Sale Price: $2,600.  Bam!

      That is a carbon fiber bike with XTR rear derailed, drop post, XT shifter, Lefty front fork, 120mm travel, etc.  Great deal.

      Incycle in California has huge deals towards the end of Spring and Summer.  They still have this deal available today.


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      Sweet bike, the habit is IMHO, one of the top bikes in the 120/130mm range. Tested one, lots of fun to ride.

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      It’s a great time of year (in the northern hemisphere) to find bike deals!

      Many/most bike shops that have demos can set you up.  Over the course of a day (or a weekend), you can likely cycle through several different makes, models, sizes to find one that “fits you best”.  And…. most shops offer a HUGE end of season sale as they look to unload this seasons demo bikes.

      Since you get to “try before you buy”, it helps to minimize the buyer’s remorse!

      Happy Pedaling….

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      Most of this advice sounds good but I think the current environment is different from what the past. COVID has most bikes sold out. I am not sure there will be deals on new bikes just because there are no new bikes to sell and the companies and shops are not hurting to make space or get rid of bikes. Unless you want a really high end bike around where I live bike shops are just about empty. The racks are full of all the repair bikes they have to return to customers. I would highly recommend considering as used bike and probably find some good deals in December. My guess is there will be people desperate for Christmas money and ready to unload that bike they bought and barely rode. The market most likely will be flooded and drive prices down. If you have a bike and can stand to wait my guess is that next Spring is going to be a buyers market and there will be even better deals on used bikes. My two cents for what its worth.

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      You should buy new bike in black friday sales if you want good deals. I got my Tommaso Gran Sasso 29er Mountain Bike in a great black friday deal last year.

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      I second the opinion that COVID has turned normal sale cycle on its head for a while.  Shops have been cleared out and bikes are still flying out the door.  My local trail has been jammed every day except when closed for rain, and even then there are still people riding (a whole separate discussion).  It is hard to imagine a shop giving away margin when every bike they have taken in is getting sold in no time.  It has not slowed down too much in my area.

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      I really like to travel and not only to overcome bike trails.

      I have several bicycles and already have some experience in choosing them.

      Although I have never been stingy in terms of money for a good bike. For example, when I was in Lagos, I bought a premium quality mountain top Exquisite Classic bicycle for a relatively ridiculous amount in their shop, although at first I doubted whether

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