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      I’m planning to be in Sedona the first week of October and am looking for suggestions on where to stay.  Any suggestions or recommendations are greatly appreciated.  Thanks and ride on!

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      Sedona Real. It’s the best. You’ll love it. Keep your bike in your room. All the best trails are right there.

      Thank me later.

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      Red Agave, right on the Slim shady trailhead…

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      I like staying in the Village of Oak Creek – Slim Shady is right there along with Bell Rock, and its much less busy than the main drag of Sedona.  Sedona Village Lodge is a cool boutique I’ve stayed, but there are others. If you think you’re going to be doing mostly Mescal/Chuckwagon/West Sedona trails, then I agree Sedona Real would be convenient. Its debatable whether you should ride in / ride out from there, but it can be done.

Viewing 3 reply threads

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