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      My preference is long singletrack. I most enjoy places where I can put together long loops of 30-40 miles. Park City is great, Summit county CO is great, Moab and Fruita – great, Sedona- great. Where else is worthy of a road trip? I am looking forward to your input.

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      Buffalo Creek, Pine CO, part of the 15 system trails, got beginner to double black diamond trails and you could easily spend your whole weekend just exploring it.

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      Durango (especially if you’ve got the legs and lungs to ride the high country) and the Tahoe/Downieville area have what you’re after but you have to be willing to work in D-Ville.

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      Fruita, CO

      Santos in Florida

      Epic loop in Big Bend Ranch State Park, Texas (not all singletrack but worth riding)

      Levis Mounds in WI

      Cable, WI area

      Duluth, MN

      Black Canyon near Phoenix, Arizona

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      Basically what StumpyFSR said.  I’d add in Bentonville and/or the IMBA epics in Arkansas, North Carolina and the Kingdom Trails in VT.  Florida if you need a winter getaway in addition to riding (Santos, Alafia & Balm you can do 20 miles at each without much repeating, much more at Santos and Balm).    Also check out where the NUE series goes, they have some good random race routes (South Dakota, Wyoming, Ohio, etc.)

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      Shameless Copper Harbor plug. They just finished phase II of the point trail, thats another 9 miles on top of an already stellar system of trails.

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