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      My fellow riders,


      I was wondering what are the best websites to shop for parts and upgrades? Or just a good website in general?

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      Depends on what upgrades you’re considering.  I’ve had very good experiences with Competitive Cyclist and Jenson.  As the previous poster indicated you also can get some good deals on Ebay (be sure to check the sellers reputation) and sometimes even Amazon.  But I would give CC and Jenson an opportunity to price match as they are highly reputable and have been great to deal with even on returns.

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      Jenson USA, Backcountry, Competitive Cyclist, Tree Fort Bikes, Art’s Cyclery, Universal Cycles, Merlin (UK),, (Germany), (Germany)….

      I order mostly from Jenson because I live in SoCal and whatever I order is on my doorstep the next day with free shipping. That being said, if I’m not in a hurry, I shop around to find the best deals. If you know what you’re looking for, have the patience to deal with the German websites and have time to wait, you can get some screaming deals by buying from the UK or Germany. I get tires for $30-40 that cost $60-80 here. I found pedals at Merlin for $80 that were $130 everywhere in the US. My buddy gets all his SRAM drivetrain parts from Germany as well.


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      I use Amazon, Jenson, and Chain Reaction. In that order. If I can’t find it there at good prices, I may try anyone.

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      I’ve gotten some good deals at Colorado Cyclist occasionally.

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      I use Facebook cycling buyer/seller groups. I have always had luck selling my stuff. I once sold a Garmin 520 in about 15 minutes after posting the ad.

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      Another vote for eBay. You may have to shop a bit and wait things out but, you can get high quality parts for great prices.

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      In addition to Jenson and Competitive Cyclist already mentioned, I’ve had good experience (and fast shipping) from Modern Bike out of Des Moines.

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      eBay prices are good but be careful about counterfeit items.  Amazon has the issue too.  I started paying closer attention to that after a snapped handlebar.  The hung was so jagged I am very lucky I didn’t fall on it,  it would have been really serious

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      I just ordered a shimano XT groupset from universal cycles for a real good price.

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      These online shops provide you best services 24/7.


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