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      Granite Design mtb tools
      not sure if this is the right thread for a review ( mods please move or let me know)

      I got some Granite tools last week and thought id let you guys know about them and what my thoughts were on them

      Granite Stash tire plug:
      really nice Quilty on the build and the design and fits neatly inside the Handle bars and came with 2 different size bar ends the tire plug them selves are universal so in the unfornaite event I run out they will be easily replaceable.
      it 35g and was $25

      Granite Stash chain tool
      brakes chains simple design nice and light and its the kinda thing you don’t use every day so fit it in your bars and forget about it infill the day you need it
      as with the tire plug comes with 2 different size bar ends and at $30 its a bargain for the Quilty also stores a spare chain link

      cleaver leaver
      these tyre leavers are the ducks nuts super strong no flex and slide to gather to give you a quick link chain removal made easy
      60g for the pair and $20 on mtb direct the closest competition I could find was $30

      rock n roll
      bit like a multitool just a lot easier to use and stronger the driver has a rating of 60nm considering most bits on a bike are between 5 and 15nm this has more then enough strength its light weight 136g and comes with 9 bits and a extension

      I’ve put a quick review video up if you would like to have a look at them


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      For the last few years I had a touring bike, which has no any complex mechanisms and I could repair it pretty easy and quickly, anyway, I almost didn’t have any problems with it at all.

      I get my Merida Big Nine 100 in a few days and I’m preparing to it. I already have a small multitool (I used it several times) and a couple of the most critical tools. I’ve found this thread to know, if anyone may give me advice about a tool kit for home maintenance. I’ve been searching all the internet and I found some sources with the comparison of the kits. On this one in case) I liked the Demon tool kit(it’s 2nd here). It contains 19 tools, but anyway, I’m not sure if I need them all for repairing the mtb. Maybe I’m too naive and I’ll need the first one with 23 tools in it for maintenance?  The problem is I don’t want to spend much money for useless tools, which will just gather dust in a garage.

      To be honest, I don’t think, that I’ll have so many problems with my bike, but better be safe than sorry, right?

      Any suggestions are welcomed.

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