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    I’ve seen so many over the years, and I’m probably forgetting some of the truly great ones. Here are a couple to get us started:

    PORC: Pittsburgh Off Road Club

    DUMBO: Durham Orange Mountain Bike Organization

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    I always liked RAMBO: Roswell-Alpharetta Mountain Bike Organization

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    RAMBO is such a macho name.

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    MACHO: Macon Area Cyclists Hucking Off (shit)?

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    There’s one in Northern Wisconsin called LAMBO: Lakeland area mountain bike organization.

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    COMBO, because who doesn’t love a cheesy pretzel snack?

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    Just found a new one: STORM (South Texas Off-Road Mountainbikers).

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    MOAB – Murfreesboro Outdoor and Bicycle

    NUMB – Northeastern Utah Mountain Biking

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      Haha, it seems someone in Tennessee has Moab envy.


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