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    I’m looking to upgrade my 2010 Garmin Edge 705 for MTB trail riding.

    I have minimal requirements:

    1. Easy to upload/save GPX course files. I mainly use MTB Project. Trailforks is alright, but I find it more clunky to use and it seems to have less “looped” courses which is my preferred style of course.

    2. When navigating a trail that crosses other trails or loops on itself, I want to be able to clearly see before I come to a fork or crossing which path is the path that keeps me on the trail/loop that I am riding. For example, if I come to crossing/fork which offers me 4 options of hard left, soft left, straight ahead, and right, and I need to go left–I don’t just want to know that I need to go left(or N,S,E,W) I want to know which of the two lefts I need to take and I want to know it without having to stop and self navigate. Furthermore, I expect the same ease of navigation if I am riding a course that doubles back on itself like a figure 8, etc.

    That’s basically all of my “must have” features. I just bought a Garmin Edge 830 thinking the Trailforks integration and Forksight feature would be helpful–but the more I play with this thing the more I realize those features are great in theory but they don’t work that well and are not all that easy or fast to use. Furthermore, I don’t need something this complicated–I just want something that I can load GPX courses on that will give me excellent navigation.

    Cost is not a big deal, I just want something that meets my requirements.

    Any suggestions on units meeting this criteria?


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