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      Hey guys,
      Just purchased my first 29er and already love it. The bike came with racing tires which I’m not crazy about (Lack of skills from my part of course)
      I’m looking for a great pair of heavy duty tires that’ll give me tons of grip and will rip everything out of my way in some hard rocky and dirty trails.

      You guys prefer the same tire front and back or do you mix and match?


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      This seems to be a popular question!

      I’m always leery of responding to "best of" questions, because if you ask two people. you’ll have three opinions! I guess the real question is what are you unhappy about with the rubber that came with the bike?

      I’m a relative off-road newbie, so I opted to replace the stock tires, WTB Exiwolf, with something a little less knobby and not as heavy. Currently, I’m running WTB Vulpine tires. These are great for what surfaces I usually ride on, but if you’re in really gooey stuff or serious singletrack, they just won’t do it. I’m eyeing some Nanoraptors as a possible next set when the Vupline’s need replacing. Still a compromise between weight and off-road performance, but ya gotta compromise somewhere 😆

      As my skills and desire to ride more trails grows, I will probably be putting the Exiwolf tires back on. Feel free to get more opinions, but they are great for serious off road riding. They are no substitute for riding skill and I’m more lacking there than in the area of tire choices.

      If I sound hung up on WTB tires, it is mostly lack of experience with other brands on my part and I ride a 29er. Given time, I’ll probably discover other choices, but for now, that’s my selections.

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      The MTB Action shoot out winner was the Bontrager acx B tubeless for the best grip/allround tire. Especially for 29ers. My hifi plus 29er came with them and they are great. Though currently, I am using a maxxis racing tire.

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      I run a Kenda Nevegar on the front of mine, paired with Kenda 8 block on the back. I’ve had good results on the trails I’ve road.

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