Best 29er hardtail for under a grand??

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      What would be your choice? I have probably a 12 or 14 year old Gary Fisher Marlin hardtail with 26″ wheels and Shimano Deore components i’m looking to upgrade as its quite outdated and used.  I got into road cycling and have rode about 600 miles so far and took my old Fisher to some local singletrack the other day and man its a blast. I will keep on road cycling for the fitness and convenience when I can’t hit the trail but man some sweet singletrack is fun!! Anyway looking for a new bike with disc brakes(standard anymore) and 29″ wheels. I really would like the components to be at least deore but I’m seeing they now have several drivetrain options below deore.  Any advice fire away.  By the way i’m 6’1 with a 35″ inseam. What frame size would you recommend?

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      I know you said you wanted a 29er but I’m going to throw this out there anyway: The Marin Pine Mountain. It’s a 27.5+ bike which basically offers the same outer tire diameter as a 29er but you can run really wide tires which will put you ahead of the game as others start to upgrade their rides. The bike has a 1x drivetrain (another big selling point IMO) though the one drawback is it has a rigid fork. (The plush tires take some of the harshness out of a rigid setup but they’re no substitute for suspension.) You might even be able to run 29er wheels on this bike, though I haven’t confirmed yet (we have one in for review so we’ll try to test that.)

      Test Ride Review: Marin Pine Mountain 27.5+

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      Very nice looking bike. But man…. not sure I could get past the no suspension thing. Seems like your wrists would kill you on a moderately technical trail..

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      This isn’t a 29er, but it’s bad to the bone and near your price range:

      And here’s one of their 29ers from last year on closeout:

      For your money it’s hard to beat their offerings.

      Here are some other options:

      Giant –



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      Specialized Rockhoppers are very nice.   I think the Giant Talon is about the same bike for a little less money..

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      Thanks for the great info everyone. Has anyone had experience with the less expensive drivetrains than Deore and do they hold up decently?

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      This looks like another nice option.

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      My bike has Shimano Alivio and they work fine.  I’ve had it about 6 months and only have about 100 miles on it so far so, so not sure how they will be in the long term, but they seem like they will last. Actually got a stick jammed in the front derailleur last week end and once removed it still worked fine, didn’t even need to readjust.

      And that Dakota looks nice!!

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      I have really enjoyed my Novara Ponderosa 29er:

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      I’ve been riding a Giant Revel 29er  ($550) hard every Saturday since April and it has held up very well.  If I had to do it over I’d probably spend a couple hundred more and go with the Specialized Rockhopper or Giant Talon.

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      Check out the Orbea Alma line. I have an Alma Hydro, was about 600 brand new. It’s a hardtail with Suntour forks w/remote lockout (handlebar mounted). I had planned on replacing the shocks with Fox, but this bike is awesome just the way it’s built.

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      Correction – the new Orbea’s have RokShox forks.

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      Great info guys.  I’m kinda likin the Airborne bikes. Heres one for a bit more than a grand but has full SRAM X-7 drivetrain.

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