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      hey first time ever joining a forum, also first time buying a mtb! just wanted some of ur opinions on whats a good all around hardtail 29er for under 1500. ive got my eyes on a giant xtc 29er 2 for 1350 out the door what do you guys think? thanks for the imput

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      I ride a Redline D660 which costs about the same as the Giant XTC 2 you’re considering. I love the Redline because it’s so lightweight and very well designed for big wheeling. The Redline is geared 1×9 which isn’t for everyone but if you’re deciding between full gears and single speed, 1×9 is a nice compromise.

      Both bikes come with a similar component mix (though it looks like you’ll get hydro brakes on the Giant). I prefer the Reba fork that comes with the Redline and the Avid BB7 brakes, while mechanical, are very solid. The Giant seems to come with a lot of Giant-branded components (like the seat, wheels, etc.) while the Redline sports standard components from WTB, Ritchey, and others. I upgraded my wheels to Easton XC Ones because the stock wheels were fairly heavy but I imagine you’ll find the same with the Giant.

      Redline bikes may not be as well known but they’re worth a look if you have a dealer in your area. Either way, you’ll love your 29er hardtail!

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      I have been on the Giant your talking about nice bike. Jamis puts together some nice 29ers I have riding as well and I have riding my buddy’s Kona. All of these i have ridding on trials just lucky that my friends have them. I ride a rock hopper 29er it was in my price range would have gone for the giant if it was in the budget.
      just some other bikes to look at and my opinion.

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      Sette Razzo has really good specs for that price range. Also the Motobecane Fantom Pro 29er which is under 1000 … pro_SL.htm

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      My opinion? It’d be to buy a 26er. I could go for a nice cannondale lefty 26" hardtail.

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      If you have a dealer in your area you might check out the Gary Fisher’s. I believe the components on the Paragon will be a bit better than the Giant. I purchased my Gary Fisher back in 2008 and my other bikes have collected dust since. I saw the Giant and it’s a nice looking bike I must say. I have an old Giant AC 6" travel full suspension and don’t ever plan to get ride of it. It’s been a solid bike. Still drag it out a couple times a year. As for the comment on 26". I’d go 29’er in a heartbeat.

      Most important note is get the bike "YOU" want and like. If you don’t like the look and feel you won’t ride it as much.


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