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      I”m planning to visit a buddy in Bentonville the last weekend in November and would like get some riding in.  Anybody know what the weather is typically like that time of the year?  I’m interested particularly in the rain.  I don’t mind riding in cool to slightly cold weather but wet rainy weather obviously kills the vibe.  Any information will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks and ride on!

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      It will be cold typically, but then maybe it will be in the 70’s.  Sometimes there will be rain all through the winter, or maybe it won’t rain or snow for the entirety of it.  It could be rainy, but sometimes it will be be icy and snowy all winter.  In short, there is no typical for this area for anytime of the year really, you just have to look at the next few days of the forecast to have any idea what the weather will be like in this area.  Sorry that’s no help, but we would like to know what the weather will be also.

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        Totally get that reply, Grant. But I’ll throw in a follow-up question to you or other locals – when it does rain, I assume the trails are closed? Assuming they are, typically how long does it take after rain for the trails to open if its maybe 50’s and sunny following the rain? More or less than a full day?

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        Like Grant said, the weather can be pretty variable.  I’ve been there for Thanksgiving when it was mid 70’s, and other times when it was snowing.  Was just in Bentonville for OuterBike and IMBA’s Dirty 30, and it went from 40’s and drizzly Friday to 70’s and sunny Saturday/Sunday.  As for wet trails go, they do dry out pretty quickly.  It rained Thursday, and trails were open Friday AM.  The old school hand cut single track trails just dry quick, and the newer (machine cut, flows, etc.) are designed to manage drainage.

        If you haven’t been to Bentonville yet, you will enjoy it.  If you like pump tracks (or just want to try one), be sure to stop by the Railyard in Rogers (20 minutes from Bentonville).

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        Yeah, the trails here do a pretty good job, the general rule is 24 hours, but they are usually okay quicker after that.  There is a facebook page that does a pretty good job of keeping the conditions updated.  There are also some good wet weather options like the northeastern portion of the Back 4o and Hobbs State Park

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        Thank you both. Looking for an opportunity to run down there yet this year.

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