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      Planning a group trip to either Coler or Northwoods this weekend but not familiar with either. The Friday rain forecast has me a bit concerned with 90% rain coverage for both cities and intermittent thunderstorms. Both locations clear overnight and sunny all weekend, so the riding weather will be great. Question is, how much does rain impact these trails? Think its work the risk? Texas trails would be closed, but they’re soft muddy clay. The ground in AR have a bit more fortitude?



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      I’m also in Texas, and yeah, one rain easily shuts us down for days sometimes.  As for AR, Bentonville specifically… EXCELLENT drainage!  I’ve ridden that area, Bentonville, Rogers, Fayetteville, the day after overnight rain (trails were legally open).  In fact, I was there for OuterBike last month, and it rained Thursday night.  Slaughter Pen and Coler MTB Preserve were good to ride 9 AM Friday morning.  Unlike Texas, it didn’t really get tacky either.  No clay there.  Having said all this, I’d still check with the locals to make sure trails are open.  I’d hit up Phat Tire Bike Shop in downtown Bentonville.

      Have you ridden Coler before?

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      I was in Bentonville 2 weeks ago and rode Coler 2 days after rain. 3 of the 4 downhill trails were open. The trails on Coler were clear of leaves. It was  awesome. My son and I are already planning a return trip.

      I did not ride any of the other trails in the Bentoville area (this time), leaves may be a problem on some of the trails. I believe coler has a maint crew that keeps the trails clear. It looked to me that the leaves on the trail had been cleared intentionally as opposed to by passing riders.

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