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      [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="393"] BELL SUPER 2R | $200 | BELLHELMETS.COM[/caption]

      When it comes to mountain bike helmets, you’re generally faced with two choices: (1) go full protection but wear a sauna with a full face helmet, or (2) sacrifice some of that protection and get something lighter and a better ventilated half shell helmet. Introducing the Bell Super 2r helmet, full face helmet and the unsnapping of 3 buckles and it turns into a lightweight well ventilated half shell helmet!

      This surely isn’t the first time a helmet company has tried the two-in-one helmet trick. Giro and Troy Lee Designs both tried these back in the late 90’s. The removable chin-bar on the Super 2r snaps into place with three ski-boot style buckles.


      [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="591"] Buckle that holds the chin bar in place.[/caption]

      The Super 2r tips the scales at 694 grams. To some people this means nothing but for people who care about weight, its about half the weight of the DH helmet. The Super 2r comes with many ventilation ports, it also sports four large ports at the brow which can help draw air across your scalp. Although the 2r isn’t the most comfortable helmet, it sure is one of the coolest and most enjoyable helmet out there!

      Many people wonder is this helmet giving up the ability to protect your head and face? Bell says the Super 2r’s chin bar has held up testing but it is also very clear that the Super 2r isn’t meant to replace downhill helmets. Sum all this up and you have a helmet that looks cool, feels great, and will protect you on you wherever your journey takes you.

      Credits: BikeMag (some facts about Bell Super 2r)

      and Vernon Felton (amazing pictures)

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      I just got a Bell Super 2R,, I also have a Bell Terrain half helmet. I love both but the 2R only with the chin bar on, but with it off I think it is able to slide back too easy, much like many road helmets I have tried.   If they would have had a version of the 2r that the chin bar did not come off I would have gotten that.

      So if I am riding almost any single track I will use the 2r full face, on pavement or multi use trails I wear the Terrain.

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      Much respect to Vernon Felton, but Michael Paul did a write-up on the Super 2r with some great detailed pictures:

      Review: Bell Super 2R Mountain Bike Helmet


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      What is this thread supposed to be exactly?

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      sorry guys! Whats your opinion on this helmet?

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      I have a bell super 2r and love it….I ride a trail bike and when the track gets hairy the chin bar is awesome for extra protection…

      Would recommend trying on first if buying online as fitting is quite dependent on head shape…Generally skinny round heads are not as good a fit…

      cheers and ride on….

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