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      Hey, guys, I live in Delaware and just starting to get into mountain biking and looking for some advice. I’ve only been riding a mountain bike for about two weeks so my skill level is like next to nothing and the only trails that I have around are intermediate level at Brandywine Creek State Park. What would you guys suggest for me to build up my skill level if there really aren’t any beginner friendly trails around? I’ve ridden BCSP trails twice and its been an absolute blast but had to walk many features as they just aren’t in my skill level to do. I work up in the King of Prussia area also and there are some trail systems here that my boss told me about like the Valley Forge National Park that I’ve been wanting to give a shot.

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      Awesome–welcome to mountain biking!

      I’d recommend you keep riding those intermediate trails at Brandywine, and each time, really focus on clearing one new obstacle that you walked the last time. In fact, you can even “session” some of the obstacles which means you attempt an obstacle over and over again until you clear it.

      You’ll probably also want to work on your fitness at the same time, that is unless you’re coming from road biking or running or something like that. To build up a base, you could put in some miles on gravel roads, greenway paths, etc.

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        Hey Jeff, thanks for the advice! I love going to Brandywine its a blast and seeing the difficult trails is making me want to keep riding so I can do them. I’ll keep at it there until I can ride without walking. I’m not the best in shape just yet so I normally ride other local state parks to get my stamina and endurance up so I when ride at BCSP on the weekends I can ride longer on the trails which I’m already seeing improvement.

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