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      Last year a close friend of mine, the one who got me into biking in general, moved to Malawi Africa to run a a charity orphanage. Before he left he sold off all of his bikes to pay for the trip. He left me an older GT LTS-1 frame. It seems to be a really cool bike and it was one of his favorites, so he opted not to sell it. It being just a frame I’m trying to build it up in tribute, for lack of a better term. I’ve got the derailluer and all of that on it. I don’t have a lot of money and it turns out when you are buying part by part its not cheap. I recently purchased an RST front fork new but it doesn’t fit. The tube that goes up is A LOT skinnier then the spot in the frame for it. I assumed there would be some type of spacer but I can’t find one at any of the bike shops in Omaha. Anyone know where I may be able to find a spacer like this?

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      Do you have a headset in the frame?

      What size is the fork steerer tube, the diameter?

      Which fork is it, exactly?

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      I have to check the parts when I get home. One of my friends who ride told me its probably an out dated part, but I don’t want to give up that easily. I’ll post details when I get them later on this evening.

      The headset is in the frame though. And I can’t remember what model RST fork I got. It was a cheaper one but I still, I think I spent $80-$90 on it.

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      Did you buy the fork new?

      Sounds like you bought something with a 1" steerer tube for a 1-1/8" frame.

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      Yeah, I bought it new. Sadly I even took the frame into the store to make sure they could get me the right part. They had to order it an it didn’t fit. That was the end of fall and I hadn’t had a chance to tinker with it. I have another bike I usually ride but I really want to get this one going.

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