Begginer looking for a cheap full sus bike

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      I live in Greece where there aren’t brands like Vitus or others selling cheap new full suspension bikes so I started looking for a used one and I found this

      It’s pretty old but it looks like it’s been upgraded. If you somehow translate the description you will see that this guy bought it used without the intention of riding. I can’t find anything that good in that price range so I would buy it. It’s a 26 inch and a medium and I am 178 cm tall.

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      The industry has moved away from 26″ wheels,  in that timeframe frame geometry have evolved quite a bit (especially head tube angles).  So you can find 26″ bikes fairly inexpensively because it is not popular now.  You might be able to negotiate the price lower. The latest wheel sizes and frame geometry are nice to ride,  but if that is the best you can find in your budget I say go for it.  It is better than having no bike.   I also would suggest that a modern geometry hardtail is a very capable bike and depending on what you are riding maybe you don’t need full suspension.

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        Thank you for clearing all of that up. I have ridden a lot of different full suspension bikes and hardtails as well and I believe that sacrificing some comfort should be worth it for a smooth feeling rear end but your opinion will still influence my final decision. Thanks again for your help.

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      Even though my general thoughts are that any bike is better than no bike, I can’t recommend buying this bike. For person of your height, you will likely be much happier riding a newer bike with 29er wheels and modern geometry. Try to find something that was made in the last four years to get something worth buying. Consider buying a modern Trail Hardtail.

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        I aggre that modern geometry bikes are far more superior but the problem is that my options are pretty limited. So I will search for anything newer but if I find nothing I will probably go with that older bike.

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