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      When Garth Weinberg crossed the finish line to claim his fourth singlespeed national title he was met by his family, a crowd of people in costume and a funnel of beer.

      Such is the sport of singlespeed mountain biking.

      Nothing was straight forward about Weinberg’s victory on Saturday in the Whakarewarewa Forest.

      The talented athlete said he almost gave up before his race even started.

      "It was a shocking start. I couldn’t find my bike. Someone had moved everyone’s bike around and I lost five minutes looking for it," he said.

      "I was ready to throw in the towel."

      He said when he finally started he had to overtake hundreds of riders and it took until the start of the third lap to build up a decent lead.

      Along with most of the other 250 competitors at the 2013 Pig and Whistle New Zealand Singlespeed Champs, Weinberg chose to drink a bottle of beer at the end of each lap.

      Riders who declined the beverage were made to ride a longer lap as a consequence.

      "I didn’t end up drinking anything else during the race except for those beers," he said.

      "When the second beer kicked in I actually felt quite good and settled into a good pace."

      After winning the race, Weinberg was quickly escorted into an office at the Waipa carpark to receive his winner’s tattoo.

      He said he needed to have a quick discussion with his wife about where he should put his fourth national winner’s tattoo, deciding in the end to put it on the side of his rib cage.

      Read more here: … e/1847180/

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