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      Ok, i’m doing a survey to understand how common this is. If you have had anyone shoot at or near you while riding, hiking, or doing some other activity on public land in the USA, let me know:

      Roughly, how close did the shot come to hitting you?

      What city/state was it in?

      What outdoor activity were you doing at the time?

      I will summarize and post the results for all, thx

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      Farmer John, with rock salt cause we were riding through his fields. Back in the 70’s…

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      Roughly, how close did the shot come to hitting you?

      Not close. It was a warning shot.

      What city/state was it in?

      North Augusta, South Carolina

      What outdoor activity were you doing at the time?

      Mountain biking.

      More context: riding with friends in an area where hunting is allowed. I was making noise at the top of a climb to let my friends know where I was, and I didn’t realize there was a hunter in a tree stand nearby. I think he was upset I was scaring all the game, so he fired his gun (in the air I assume?).

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      Twice. Once on Niagara street by the GM power plant in Buffalo. They were actually soft rubber pellets from the passenger side. I got a flat and when I pulled out my pump, it broke. I was on a road bike.

      The next time was biking away from Darien Lake State Park and this pickup truck with the 4 wheels in the back pegged me with the same kind of pellets. Soft, black and looking like a massage. ball except really small.

      The third time was a bunch of turkey hunters in their blind. They were ticked off that I had disturbed their hunting. I thought the turkey decoy in front of their camp tent was real.LOL. Could’ve told them they were no where near where they hang, but I  turned and booked pretty fast. This was inside Darien Lake State Park.

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      Not at me but this spring here in north Idaho on USFS land some 20 somethings were target shooting on a a gated road that was not safe to do so. A young family had just parked and was walking up the road when the bunch pulled in seeing my truck and the families vehicle already there and having no way to know where we were. I could here the shots as I was returning to my truck when I saw the family. They were a little concerned about the shooting as was I. When I approached the last bend before the straight stretch to the gate I slowed and peered around to see what I was dealing with. As they were not shooting at the moment I hollered at them that people are on the road. I felt it was safe to continue so I rose towards them and the gate. When I got up to them I sternly but politely told them there was a young family up the road, this wasn’t a safe place to shoot and no backstop, etc. The group was fine and was going to quit and find somewhere else but this one young punk decided to argue with me. Well now I’m a 54 year old high school teacher and former football coach and I went into old man is now pissed mode! No my voice is no longer “polite” and I told the little so and so to find somewhere else, this isn’t safe and I will be contacting the sheriff. The eyes of the other youngins’ eyes bugged out a little and “mouth” finally shut up. I got back to my truck, took pictures of their vehicle and license plate and was about to call the sheriff when here they come, piled into their car and went searching for a better place. Problem solved. Oh, I guess it might have helped that I carry my .44 mag revolver in a chest holster when in the the woods no matter what I’m doing! I’m sure that got their attention as well!

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