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    Unfortunately I need to sell my race entry for this year BC Bike race  which available with meal plan (seating A) and cost CAD 3,683 in total.  Meal plan can be refunded so can sell with just race entry or both.  Open to offers


    Moniera@bcbikerace.com can arrange the transfer and confirm any required details up to early June.

    Original Cost:

    Solo: 2019 BC Bike Race $2649.00
    2019 Racer Meal Plan > Meal Plan Seating A (Qty: 1) $595.00
    Subtotal CAD $3244.00
    5% GST CAD $143.66
    12% GST / PST CAD $71.40
    Processing Fees CAD $224.11
    Total CAD $3683.17


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    Ohh I am a lil bit late to see this post, 1 hour before I collected my entry pass from Florida Ticket Station store at Reecoupons, ok I am going to ask my friends if they need this I will PM you.

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      lol thanks for the message and please do share as need to find a home for this entrance and open to offers which works both ways!! Cheers

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      Hi Benyc13,

      Did you manage to sell your entry?

      I’m looking to sell one too. If you had/have any enquiries after you sold/sell yours could you put them my way?

      Much appreciated, thanks.





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