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      Morning all,
      I have a FC-M311 octalink crankset and a Shimano V2 sealed cartridge BB. I don’t have the specifics on the BB just yet. I had the non-drive side loosen. Upon torquing the bolt through the crank arm into the BB it locks the crank arm against the ID of the plastic BB cup. I’m assuming it is a compatibility issue. Does anyone know or have a list of BB and crankset compatibilities? I couldn’t find a good one on the Shimano website….but dang it would be handy for me…

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      I can tell you your problem is the spindle length on the bottom bracket. You’ll need a replacement V2 BB with a longer spindle length. You can measure it when the crank arms are off, or take out the BB and it’ll say probably "68×113" or something. So instead of 113 you need longer like 118.

      Did you buy these parts separate? It would be strange for them to both be on the bike and not be right. As for the chart you wanted, all you need to know is if your crankset is an Octalink V2 then that means you need a V2 BB.

      What bike is it on? I wonder if the problem is also too wide of a BB shell…..

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