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    Hello Community,

    Newish to mountain biking.  Having an issue with keeping my baggies in place.  I am 6′ 1″ and have a belly.  The shorts drop and then when I get out of the saddle, which happens a lot more than on a road bike, sometimes the dropping shorts catch on the seat.

    Except for lose the belly and advice or suggestions would be appreciated.  Working on the belly all by myself.


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    A pair of bib shorts should do the trick. There are even baggy bib shorts available like these:

    GORE Bike Wear Features Chamois Optimized for Mountain Biking, Baggy Bib Shorts

    Bib shorts are basically just shorts with built in suspenders. I guess you could also go with actual suspenders, but that might look weird.

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    Thank Jeff.  I have tried with my own bibs underneath but the baggies slid down due to the lycra in the bibs.  My wife said suspenders would be “sub-optimal” although her facial expression said it would be “not smart, or smaaht” as she is from the northeast.

    Thanks for the links.

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    Right, bib shorts underneath baggies won’t help–it’ll actually make things worse as you said. The shorts I linked are integrated so the suspenders keep up the baggies as well as the chamois.

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    A friend have the same problem. His low cost solution is a sewn velcro attachments between his bib short and baggies. its not 100% solved, but it helped a lot.


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