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      Yes, bike parks are amazing — truly a great addition to the sport. Flow trails are also a nice addition and clearly a favorite of many. Both register super high on the fun meter in terms of sheer riding pleasure.  But something in me is always longing for those remote backcountry rides that are high on adventure and wilderness challenge (and beauty).  So what backcountry/adventure rides do you have slated for this year?  When and why?

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      Good topic. In the upper-midwest, I would suggest the Chequamegon area in North Central Wisconsin is a great site for great back-country trails that are more natural than machine-built. Many different trails through mostly undeveloped forests.  I would say the one thing lacking is there isn’t much for vista scenery, since its mostly flat and fairly dense forest. But if you’re looking for “au naturale,” its a great place to explore.

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      JDBunny Hop


      First, what did you do for 20 years in Mongolia? And welcome back to the US of A!!!!

      Re backcountry MTB’ing, I’d suggest the Kokopelli Trail, parts of the Colorado Trail, parts of the Arizona Trail, and The White Rim in the Moab area.

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      Thanks for the tips TK and JD.  Nice.  What I am really after in this forum though is for folks to share what they have planned for this year in terms of backcountry/adventure riding. It is always inspiring to hear others’ plans and dreams.

      What did I do in Mongolia for 22 years?  A lot. =)   Actually, I am a forest ecologist and silviculturalist.  So I taught forestry at the National University of Mongolia, did research and consulted.  I am also a Christian, so I helped start a Christian organization that partners with Mongolian agencies and companies however possible to help the country (e.g. schools, medical, business, police, environment, infrastructure, military, family, national level amateur athletics, and so on).  It was an AMAZING experience.  Fell in love with the people and culture and never looked back.  Kind of cool that my best friends of life are Mongolian. I gained so much and learned so much from them.

      The last five years in country I discovered mountain biking and had an incredible time exploring the Mongolian mountains for trails — all undocumented and thus high on adventure.  Look under Mongolia on the Singletracks trails database if you want to see what we rode.  I often rode/explored alone, but I had several Mongolian riding partners at work whom I rode with usually about twice a month.

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