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    Is a reputable dealer of bikes, equipment, etc.?  As I mentioned in a previous post I am in the process of researching different bikes/dealers and I just recently found that website and see that they have what seem to be “great” prices on bikes but am wondering if it is one of those “if it sounds to good to be true it probably is”  type of scenarios.  Anybody have any experience buying a bike from them?  Any information is greatly appreciated.  Thanks and Ride On!

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    Backcountry has been around for a long time. I don’t usually think of them as offering great prices; they tend to sell most things at the MSRP, especially bikes. So if you found a good deal on a bike there, go for it! They have great customer service and are definitely a reputable retailer.

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    They are legit and sell on ebay as well.  Have made many satisfied purchases from them.

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    Thanks for the information fellas!  Have a great day, Ride On, and God bless you always!

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    Be sure to check it’s backcountry’s discount/sale/clearance site. Both totally reputable, I’ve been buying from them for 10 years

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    I concur. I’ve made a few purchases on Backcountry and had no issues.

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    I ordered a backpack from them not too long ago and was happy with the experience. They seem pretty reputable, but make sure you opt out of all the e-mail newsletter stuff, because they will flood your inbox with stuff.

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    Have bought from them before, not bike related though. I would buy from them again.

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    Highly reputable.  Easy to do business with.  Excellent customer service.  Some good sales.  Solid “A”.

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