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      I’m somewhat new to mountain biking, recently upped my weekly mileage and have been experiencing a lot of back pain. I know there’s a lot of things that could be causing it. I need to build more core strength, probably should get my bike adjusted. My main question though is about back warmers. I come from a circus background and a lot of contortionists and dancers wear back warmers (basically just a tube of fabric that traps heat and keeps   your core and lower back warm). Has anyone used these for biking? Or is there something similar made for biking?

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      Never knew back warmers were a thing.

      Get a proper bike fitting. Ask at your local bike shop their suggestion for a bike fitter. Money well-spent, and I bet you’ll notice an immediate difference. Cycling shouldn’t involve pain…unless you crash a lot.

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      not sure about the back warmers but stretching (cobra and camel/cat exercises) before and after helps me. i used to have a herniated disk… still have it but no longer debilitating. don’t give up!

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      Mmmm, spine warmer…

      That would go very well with my scoliosis when it flares up.

      Rywire, I would say, adjust your riding position. It would be wise to also sort out core strength and work through it. Something as simple as rolling the handlebar slightly can go a long way to easing discomfort.

      A proper fit might be in order as well.

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