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      My Sun Rynolite are done! The hubs keep crapping out on me, so Wheel World is taking them back! I just ordered some Azonic Outlaw’s and wondering what the masses think of them. Been reading alot of reviews and they sound pretty solid! But I am a clydesdale! Im right around 260 so really hoping that these will hold up!

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      Good to hear Chili! Was riding today and the hub on the Ryno’s just locked up the wheel on me! Was able to get it worked loose enough to limp back to the car! 3rd time in 3 months Ive had issues with these hubs (Shimano M525’s) DONE! 😆

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      i threw some 09 outlaw’s on my hardtail and they’re still completely in true after tons of big drops, dirt jumps, and huge crashes. The bontragner wheels that came with the bike would go out of true BAD weekly (like to where the bike was not ridable) doing the same stuff. I’m only about 155 though, but I also did my homework and didnt really find any bad reviews. Back hub is loud, but that’s about it. 😀

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      They are here and on the bike! Gotta say, I LOVE the anodized red! I was a little hesitant about the color, cause my bike is gray and silver, but it looks fantastic! Now to ride em and see if they hold up to the clydes test! 😮

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      Any update on the wheels?,possibly a pic? 😃

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      Here she is! Loving these wheels! Been beating them for 2 weeks now without a wimper! 😃 Just need to get rid of that vertical stem, and thinking a better crank set is in my near future!

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      Those do look really nice! I had been considering the Sun Equalizers in anodized red until you put up this thread,now for $60 more I don’t think I can pass up the Outlaws.Glad to hear they’re holding up well!

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