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      Thanks to Ibex for the Maroc 29er I got to ride for a few days. If you were at Blankets and talked to me or rode the bike you know. I couldn’t get enough ride time in . First time out on a 29 and with a 2×10 drive line. The carbon frame with 29s is a awesome combo it seemed to climb and soak up a lot of rough spots. I kept hearing how the 29ers don’t turn as quick , but I didnt notice a huge difference . What I liked was on tight turns with rocks or roots it seemed to suck up the roughness smoothing the turn. The bike was very light for a 21" frame witch felt good. The bike I road witch is there standered set up came with x9 groupo. It worked great and very smooth shifting. I have to say after riding with the 2×10 I’m no longer on the fience on the changing from 3×9 to 2×10 that’s my new running set up. After riding this bike male sure you guys the buy sale page I got to unload some bike my new Marco 29er is on the way!!

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