AVID Juicy Three Disk Brakes (install problems)


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      Well for Christmas I got a new set of brakes. The Juicy 3’s are the first set of hydraluic brakes that I have every had. I just tried to put them on yeterday and so far Im not really impressed. First I ride an XL bike and the rear hose is far from long enough. Second there isnt enough clearence on the front mount and the tabs on the pads are binding against it.

      I was just wondering if Im the only one that has had these problems.

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      I’ve run into hose length issues before on other brakes and I would venture to say it might be a common problem on an XL frame. Got to drop some cash and get a longer hose, unfortunately.

      I haven’t ever heard of the tabs on the pads binding against the brake mount though. Are you sure you have the pads completely inserted into the brake caliper and also have the correct adapter mount (if neccessary) for your rotor size?

      I have a set of Juicy fives on a Fox Vanilla 32 with normal 160mm front rotor and it fits well.

      What size rotor, are you using? What mount is on your fork (I.S. or Post)? And what adapter mount do you have?

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      Make sure you have the adapter the right way up. On the front adapter for a 160mm it looks like you can almost interchange the position but that is not the case. If the adapter is incorrectly placed the pads do touch.

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      Well I have the I.S. mount with 160mm rotors and the pads are in well. I guess that I could try to flip the mount. I m running this on a GT avalanche 1.0 with a Rockshox Recon Race Air fork.

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