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      For all you XC hard cores… What would be considered a good average speed on a 5 mile intermediate single track run on a relatively flat course?

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      Usually 15 km in hour is considered good speed for XC. I did a race last year and averaged 15.2 in a 30km race and came second. Mind you it was an amateur race not a pro and it was a mix of double and singetrack with mostly singeltrack.

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      Very difficult question to answer as it completely depends on the trail.  While elevation change is certainly a factor, other factors can have a much greater impact on average speed such as terrain (i.e. is it flat hard pack or is it rocky, rooted, sandy, stream crossings, etc) as well as contour (flowy vs twisty, narrow/tight vs open).  On a flowy, hardpack trail a good average speed is probably 10+mph.  On a tight, technical, rocky trail with lots of corners 5-6mph could be a good speed.  Best way to know for any given trail is to compare to Strava times.

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      As any good physics student knows, speed is relative. A good average speed is one where you are feeling fast enough to push yourself but slow enough to still enjoy it.

      That probably wasn’t helpful. If you want to see what other people are capable of, you could use Strava. But be warned, comparisons might ruin it for you. #proudmemberofthebottom20%

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      Average speed on a mountain bike is meaningless.   We have several trails near us all of which are intermediate level.   I average about 7mph on one because it’s tight and twisty and am in the top 5 on Strava but 12 mph on another one that is flowy but am outside the top 10.   What matters is lap time relative to others on the same trail, not average speed.

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      Im not “hardcore” per se, but on a trail like that Im around 10-12 on my XC hardtail. Depends on how tired I am from work, lol.

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        I like to “Turn it up to 11”. But sometimes that’ll depend if there’s any “Gromets” on the trail 🙂


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