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    heading to Atlanta shortly – appreciate any recommendations on bike hire and good trails – Thsnks!

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    Welcome! Are you coming for a visit or something more permanent?

    Fresh Bikes is a good place to rent bikes, and they’re near Big Creek which has fun trails. You could also head up to the mountains in North Georgia and ride Jake / Bull mountain. What type of ride are you looking to do?

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      Thanks Jeff, I’m going to be there every couple of weeks for the next year.  Looking to get out locally at least one evening then explore more on a weekend. No car, so hire and ride is the plan.

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    what part of town will you be staying in?

    a little out of town is Blankets Creek, which is incredible.  I’ve heard Sixes Pit rents bikes.

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    Agreed, Blankets Creek is another good one, as is nearby Rope Mill. The two closest bike shops that should have rentals are Sixes Pit and Outspokin.

    If you’re staying in town, there’s a Tuesday night ride that’s a lot of fun.

    Adventures in Mountain Biking at Night in Atlanta

    Night Riding in Atlanta: The Most Dangerous MTB Ride in America?

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    Cheers Guys, massively helpfully – looks like its Blankets creek this Saturday morning!

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    You didn’t say you were going to be in Atlanta THIS Saturday! Come to the Ride-N-Rally:

    Register for the Singletracks Ride-n-Rally, March 23-24, 2019

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      Yes! Now that looks like a good day out!!

      assume I can hire a bike there?



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      I’m not 100%, but I don’t think that’s a safe assumption.  You’ll need to rent in town and then get a ride up to the mountains.

      If you are staying downtown it’s a 2 hr drive to Mulberry Gap and there is no public transportation to those majestic rural environs.   Renting a car and then renting a bike would be the way to go.

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    Not sure how you will transport your bike to trails when you are here. Good luck with that adventure for sure. And FYI, Ropes Mill is under water last I heard. Which is unfortunate as I love that trail tremendously.

    Another Top 3 trail in Georgia is Chicopee Woods just NE outside of Atlanta. Great trails to ride for hours.


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