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      I just got back into MTB about 2 months ago. I live in Arlington, VA and I am trying to find some cool places to go where I might not have to drive. Doesn’t have to be a single track, just maybe a nice place to practice certain skills such as manuals, bunny hops, and better turning.

      I know Wakefield, Meadowood, and Fountain Head aren’t terribly far. I was just hoping for something that didn’t require loading up the car.

      Anyone in the area know of some good places to go? I live in court house for reference.


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      Wow–tough call there. Arlington is just about as paved as a place can get and my recollection from my time in Fairfax is that any dirt pretty much makes a big arc well outside the Arlington area.

      I never rode there myself, but I’m told there may be some good dirt in Lubber Run Park.

      Happy Hunting.

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      That’s kind of what I figured as well. I looked at google earth and saw nothing but pavement. Driving isn’t too bad, but would have been nice to be able to ride somewhere instead.

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