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      My bmx background goes waaaaay back then I went to dirtbikes then back to bmx in my early 40s taking my kids to race for couple seasons. Still a couple of bmx bikes in the house but I dont ride  them anymore. Pretty much a gateway to mtb  riding and man am I glad they started making mountain bikes because I loved riding bmx. I still toy around on my park bike but its part of me that is consumed with mtb riding now. My kids just figure I’ll never grow up, jumping, wheelies, CRASHES all part of feeling alive and having fun

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      Hell yeah im an old bmx’r 80’s 17x then 125A  in motocross,  raced one season of NbL bmx in 2007 and fast forward to today, I’m about 25lbs over weight and started riding Mtb about 3weeks ago! So excited and just ordered a trek roscoe 8, until it comes in I’m sporting the old dicks sporting goods mtb lol

      glad to be back on two wheels

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      Bought my roscoe 8 in 2018  but is a 2019 model.  They’ve made some nice changes since  I bought mine. Great bike you’ll love it.

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