Are the latest derailleurs too weak?

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      On a recent ride a finger-sized stick broke a friend’s derailleur clean in half. The hanger didn’t fail as intended; it was the derailleur that broke.

      Has anyone else noticed newish derailleurs breaking more than the old ones used to? This is at least the second time I’ve seen this happen recently, and another person mentioned seeing it a lot lately too. Or maybe derailleur hangers are getting too strong?!? Or maybe it’s all just coincidence…

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      Were these two mechs the same make and model? What do you consider “newish?”

      I wonder if there’s a “bad batch” of derailleurs out in the wild?

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      These were all 12spd, and likely purchased within the last year or two.

      I only know the brand and model of one of them, and the brand starts with S haha. Definitely wondering if there’s a pattern, trying to avoid biasing any responses.

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      I’m too cheap to buy the latest thing and riding time is too precious to waste with a mechanical issue. Give me tried and true.  I’m still rolling 11 speed.

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      With wide range being a thing and longer cages to support a pizza sized cog, indeed!

      There are a number of reasons I kept the 10 speed 36-11 setup, number 1 is short cage RD to keep my bike’s junk outta da dirt and debris.


      Jeff keeps puttin slugs in the coin slot, so stands to reason! ;P

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