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    Are they really considered mountain biking? I mean your lifted to the top with no uphill exertion, a lot of the “trails” are wide with man groomed jumps and really no rocks or roots unless you go on a technical trail.

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    Downhill mountain biking is a thing.  Just because they like to lose more elevation than they gain, it doesn’t mean they’re not mountain biking.  They’re just not riding the same types of trails you are.

    a lot of the “trails” are wide with man groomed jumps and really no rocks or roots unless you go on a technical trail.

    You can find that type of terrain during any type of mountain biking.

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    Ok thanks just was curious, I mean they do fly and its pretty cool

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     “trails” are wide . . . and really no rocks or roots unless you go on a technical trail.

    This is just simply not the case. Most downhill trails are literally filled with rocks… Even the ones that look “smooth” in the videos are often pretty rocky.

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    I used to be against chairlift cheatin until I did it.  IMO it’s massive amounts of practice without the grind to get back to the top.  My skills improved more in a weekend than they would have in a whole season of pedaling to the top. When I can session a run multiple times a day the lines and technical sections are fresh in my head.  This makes for great training. I’ve noticed huge improvements since.

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    Just like “regular” mountain bike trails, there is a wide variety in DH. Whistler has everything from sculpted jumps on trails like A-Line to shit-yer-pants tech on No Joke.

    And just because a trail is smooth, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s easy to ride. Many of the jumps on A-Line are MASSIVE and require tons of speed and full commitment.

    After a full day of DH riding you will be worked! Contrary to popular belief, you do pedal and it’s a full-body workout. Your hands will be so tired it’ll be tough to hold your post ride beer!

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    I’ve never ridden at a bike park. I roll out my back door and head for the mountains behind my house. We have no dirt trails, berms, and man-made jumps where I ride. We have fire roads and tight, twisty old school singletrack, with lots of logs, rocks (rocks, rocks, and more rocks), natural jumps and drops, lots of gnarly loose descents, and lots and lots of very slippery leaves on the trails right now. Bike parks look like fun, and are certainly in the mountain biking sphere of fun, even if some purists don’t think so. I hope to ride at a bike park sometime! 🙂

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    Actually sometimes you don’t really have to pedal that much. This guy took fourth in the championships without a chain. But agreeing with Aaron it’s a workout even of it’s not a pedal pushing run.

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