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      I just got back from Utah and Colorado (That’s something for a another post) and I’m starting to toss around ideas for next summer. One of my Ideas is to ride one great mountain ride in each Appalachian states. The states I think I’ll include are Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Tennessee. I know Singletracks has some great reviews so the states left are Kentucky, Massachusetts, New York, and Virginia (Virginia just has so many to choose from!). What great mountain trails do those states have?


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      Wow! Big trip there with literally thousands of options!

      I have plotted out a few Eastern trips in addition to having lived in VA.

      In Maine, my must do would be Bradbury Mtn.

      In NH, I’d look toward Bear Brook, Franklin Falls and the IMBA Epic Nanamocomuck (still unreviewed here on Singletracks).

      In Vermont, the must do is the Kingdom Trails, but Vermonters will tell you there’s so much more up there.

      In Mass, if you want some tech, look toward Lynn Woods and the Vietnam Trails.

      In Penn, head for Allegrippis for fun and flowy and either Michaux, Rothrock or Nocamixon for rocky.

      In Maryland, the best technical stuff is in the Gambrill State Forest and the best variety is at Patapsco (although that can be very crowded). If you can find a local, I highly recommend a trip into the Frederick Watershed.

      In VA, try to swing by Fountainhead (close to DC), Elizabeth Furnace, Carvin’s Cove, Dragon’s Back, and maybe Angler’s Ridge.

      NC has way too many to specify. DuPont State Forest and Tsali are the must do’s, but the whole Pisgah area is full of killer singletrack.

      The only big name trail I know of in SC is FATS.

      I recently had a SE trip that unfortunately got cancelled. I was planning to hit Tanasi, White Oak, and Raccoon Mtn in Tennessee and Pinhoti, Five Points and Bear Creek in GA.

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      Thank you so much!


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