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    PLEASE fix app so that when viewing map,  I can scroll around and see trails that are further than 25 miles.


    Please fix web page (or add feature to app)  so that I can upload GPS data on a mobile device (Android)…currently can not “scroll” over to see upload GPS data button.


    SingleTracks is very frustrating for post-PC,  mobile users.  (Android,  I do not know if things are the same on iOS).


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    Hi raggedyedge, sorry you’re having trouble accessing Singletracks on your phone.

    We’re planning to add the ability to scroll the app map to see more trails. In the meantime, you can view this page on your phone to get the same functionality. Just pan/zoom and the map updates with trails within the map view. Also, within the app, you can search for a particular city to see trails beyond a 25 mile radius of your current location.

    I wasn’t aware that the “upload GPS data” was obscured on mobile devices. That should be an easy fix, will look into that ASAP.

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    Update: the “upload” map form has been fixed.

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    Jeff, I love the website and the app. Singletracks is certainly an integral part of getting more involved in the sport. I do have a request for the app. When searching nearby trails there’s a “view on map” banner up top. Is there anyway to have that same “view on map” banner available when searching by state?


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