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      Upgraded to the Topo AP (4$ in Canada) and every time I try to open a ‘nearby trail’ my iPhone tells me ‘nearby.html GPS location unavailable’

      Yes I have deleted and re-loaded the AP
      Yes I have tried it outside
      Yes I have iOS 8.02 the latest Apple update

      Pearls of wisdom?

      A little annoyed here.

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      Sounds like the app is unable to use your phone’s location data. This could be due to having GPS turned off completely (unlikely) or that you haven’t allowed the app to use your current location. There should be a message when you first use the app asking to access your location–click allow.

      If you missed that (or the message didn’t pop up at all), in iOS 8 go to Settings -> Singletracks (scroll way down) -> Privacy -> Location Services and check Allow Location Access: Always.


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      One thing I’ve noticed in iOS 8 is the phone asks periodically if you’d like to continue allowing an app to access your current location. It’s a nice feature and is good for privacy, even though the message sounds a bit sinister (for example, "Strava is currently using your location information in the background. Do you want to continue allowing this?").

      The Singletracks app doesn’t actually track your location in the background (nor does Strava or most others for that matter). Singletracks only accesses your location when you search for nearby trails or get directions to a trailhead and we don’t log that info anywhere.

Viewing 2 reply threads

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