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      I’m guessing there aren’t a lot of full length pants for mountain biking due aero and other considerations (like not wanting to get cuffs caught in the drivetrain) but there must be decent MTB pants out there that aren’t spandex. Greg reviewed a set of fat bike pants that looked OK, but clearly designed for extreme temperatures.

      Anyone have any other recommendations?

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      I’ve ridden with a guy lately that was wearing a nifty set of fox pants.  They looked pretty hard core.  I just wear my crappiest pair of tapered leg jeans.

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      I was hoping someone would mention jeans. 🙂

      If you can find a pair with the right fit, this seems like a good way to go.

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        People make fun of me for the jeans, but a lot of companies make them with a stretchier denim which gives you a lot of freedom.

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      Levis 550 are perfect for me.  Tapered enough of a leg to keep it out of the chain and roomy enough to keep from pinching or binding.  I can get a pair for around $7-10 shipped on eBay and they last forever before I need another pair.

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      When I need long pants I just wear thermal leggings under my shorts.

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      I bought a pair of makino hiking pants off amazon, it is a quick drying fabric that is cool enough to ride in summer (worth having when you are deathly allergic to poison ivy and riding in Ohio). The legs are pretty narrow, such that I never get caught or even chain grease on them.  I liked them so much I bought the convertible hiking pants, and those are good too.

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      BMX pants are a possibility

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      For the last year I have been wearing these Norrøna Fjøra Flex1 pants. MTB specific lightweight with zip venting. Pretty tough With no sign of wear. Great for riding in Scottish midge season

      Also light to wear them when cool and keep the crap out of your boots. Strip off clean for the car ride home.

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      Also the Endura Hummvee trousers. Endura have a good reputation here in UK for quality of being tough so would be my next choice.

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      I hate wearing pants biking, so I usually ride in shorts from about 40F and up.  For temps colder than that, I have been wearing some cold weather cycling pants from 4ucycling.  They keep me adequately warm down to 20F or so, have narrow zip open cuffs at the bottom (no problem with the chain), a bit loose in the thighs and stretchable material.  I hate anything that grabs tightly to my legs including spandex and lycra.

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      Irudkin, I ride in Endura Humvee Light shorts in the summer … LOVE THEM.  I imagine the the pants would be very nice like you have said.  Definitely worth others checking I’m sure.  But they are a European company, so you have to buy them (at least the shorts) a size or two too large.  I am 5’11-1/2″ tall with a 32-33″ waist, and I got an XL … perfect fit.

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      I forgot to mention above, if you consider the 4ucycling pants, you have get a couple of sizes too big.  I have a 33″ inseam with a 32-33″ waist, and I bought a 2XL size.  Crazy, but they fit me perfect.   If you have a 34″ inseam (or big thighs), I would definitely try a 3XL.  I think they may be made in Taiwan, so the size issue is an Asian thing.  I believe I got them on Amazon Prime.

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      If you have a very comfortable pair of pants you like but the bottom cuff get caught in the drivetrain, then just use a velcro strap to wrap up the cuff.  Easy comfy fix for comfy pants.

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      When temps get below about 35° I wear Club Ride Fat Jack pants… they are tapered so they don’t get in the drivetrain, and are very stretchy.

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      consider soccer training pants, they have a tapered leg

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      I wear a Novara pants when its really cold, its ok but not that comfortable, so I switched to tights under my baggy shorts. But for 30 above, no pants for me. I have a friend who covers up to his gill, no matter whats the temp. Guys out in the trail would give him a funny look when its sizzling 70s out and he’s all in black pants, jackets and balaclava.

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      I got two pairs of Prana hiking pants at an REI clearance that I use.  They have vents in the crotch to keep things cool and they stretch to fit comfortably.  They are cool enough to wear in the summer if the trail has some leg slapping sections.  Just don’t pay full price they are ridiculously over priced when not on sale.  Besides them levi jeans.

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      I would love to find a better solution, but I currently use something like this with this pants legs tucked into my socks. Not ideal or fashionable but it does keep stinging nettle etc off my legs and they dry quickly when it’s wet out.

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      Sometimes I put on my Fox downhill pants and they feel great. I would recommend them %100

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      Jeans are horrible if they get wet!

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      Jim Cummings: I agree jeans or denim type material imo are a bad choice for anything more than a quick jaunt for many reasons.

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      They work fantastic for the riding I do.

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      These Fat Jack pants aren’t really insulated at all, so without a base layer they’d be good for maybe the 30-40 degree temp range… maybe higher than that even, depending on how hot/cold your body temp tends to run. I’ve been wearing them a lot lately for cooler temp rides that don’t quite qualify as cold:

      Club Ride Fat Jack Pants Review

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      Fjallraven Vidas or Barnett pants. Expensive so o dot think i would of bought just for riding at first but already had a pair of each so its all ill ride in. Pants are boss!!!!

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      Hit up your local army surplus (or ebay if you know how they fit) and get some bdu’s.  Nice and baggy, multiple  color options besides camo, lots of zipper pockets, and have an adjustable cuff to cinch up the ankle.  You may still need a thermal base layer underneath, and they suck when they get wet, but are great when it’s a dry ride.  I can ride with them to about 35 or 40 degrees, then I have some winter cycling pants and jacket I grabbed off Amazon last year for the truly cold rides.

      Men's Windproof Bicycle Cycling Fleece Thermal Winter Pants

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      I go to the Army surplus and get black or camo fatigues that have ties at the bottom of the pant cuff. You can tie them at the ankle or pull up and tie at the knee. They are loose, comfortable and have all the pockets you possibly need for anything.

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      I have a few different pairs of DH style riding pants that I wear any time it is muddy, or the temps are below 10°C. I like how they keep my legs and kneepads clean, keep my calves warm, don’t require constant adjustment like leg warmers, and they allow me to slide all of the mud off at once when the ride is over. Additionally, I dig the extra layer of cut protection they provide.

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      I ride these Endura Singletracks when it’s cold ( If it’s really cold I throw base-layer leggings under them. They breath nice and help prevent too much heat build up, but then when I get off the bike I zipper up the vents to hold in the heat for a bit.

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      Alpinestars Vector pants have been working well for me on cooler rides.


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      I usually just wear long-johns with shorts over them, but I resonantly got these riding pants from Amazon. They run small so you got order a larger size. I’m pretty happy with them and for the price you can’t beat it. They are perfect for the winter as they have decent insulation and are only slim on the leg where you want it.

      4ucycling Windproof Athletic Pants for Outdoor and Multi Sports



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      I wear these when it’s below 40F :

      They aren’t designed for MTB but they work really well. Super comfortable and stretchy enough to not notice when riding. If it’s below freezing, I’ll wear a base layer under them and stay very comfortable. I haven’t had any issues with them getting caught in my 1x drivetrain. On 2x or 3x drivetrains, I just use a safety pin to tighten the cuff.

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      I very seldom ride if it’s too cold for shorts.  Fortunately, where I live, that isn’t a problem.  But I did buy some cheap wind/water proof pants for cold weather riding.

      Wind/waterproof thermal bike pants

      They really hold up against snags and such.  Plenty of room for movement, no restrictions while riding.  As for being warm, too warm for our weather.  I rode when it was ~30 (that’s cold for us), and they were way too warm.  Went jogging in them at ~25… again way too warm.  Wound up sweating like crazy in both cases.

      I didn’t want to spend much since I didn’t think I’d use them much, and I didn’t expect much for less than $30, but they’re a pretty good deal.  I also picked up the matching jacket.  It also is too warm for North Texas winters.

      Matching jacket

      and gloves

      With just boxers and and a t-shirt, this inexpensive setup is more than enough for riding in the mid 20’s.  Too much if you exert too much energy.

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      I use tights-with-chamois and put baggy shorts over. If it is really cold, I add a second set of tights-without-chamois. But I don’t really like tights. If someone could come up with a great pair of pants that are cut right for cycling that I could wear over bike shorts, I would like that better. I would be even more interested if these pants looked mostly like normal pants and not some sort of flashy motocross pants.

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      I still wear shorts down to 36 degrees, so far.

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      I wear Fox Attack Water pants for riding in the Pacific North-Wet. Although short in the leg (I believe the website said 31 inches & I wear 35 inches) the knee is exactly where it needs to be. So I can deal with that. The recently reviewed Club Ride may be an option as it is a little longer in the legs. One of the local blogs waxed lyrically about the Race Face Agent Pants for riding in this neighbourhood as well. And as many of the readers noted that again they were short for the leg length, Race Face is considering some longer lengths for their next production run.

      We will have to see.

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      I’ve been using pants for a few years when its cooler out or in snow  -all since leg warmers wore out. Current set is from MEC  Mountain Equipment Coop -lightweight not winter  lined , breathable ,tapered and i have a second set to wear casually . Cooler temps I  add a water resistant pant from MEC  over top and below -15 c i add thermal underwear under both pants .

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      and today the front page has reviews for long MTB pants.

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      I have worn them but I don’t like catching my pants on the seat when I am in a quick descent… can get scarry.

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      Not MTB specific, but I love my Zero Xposure Travel pants and mt Wrangler Outdoors Travel pants, both have a nice tapered leg so as not to get caught in the chain ring but baggy enough to wear kneepads underneath without them becoming tight and restrictive. Bonus I can usually find them for $17-$25.

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      I have a pair of MTB conversion pants made by Zoic. They have legs that zip off to turn them into shorts and the cuffs can be folded up and fastened with a button to bring them above the chain ring to avoid getting caught or tangled. The inside of the cuffs actually have reflective material and I think these might have been conceived and designed for evening and night rides when the days are getting shorter and the nights cooler, but not quite cold. Unfortunately, last I checked, Zoic discontinued them a few years back and had not brought them back. The only reason I can think of is they’re not necessarily “cool” looking to mountain bikers in general. It’s a bummer, though, because they’re one of the most functional items of biking or hiking clothing I own and that I’d love to get a couple more pairs of, but haven’t found a good alternative at the reasonable price Zoic sold theirs for.

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      I vary the pants depending on the weather, but usually tuck the cuff into my socks on the chainring side if the pants are a little loose. I’ve never had a problem with snagging in the chainring. Everyone has their own preferences – I don’t like skin-tight spandex and usually avoid shorts, but lots of folks like these.

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      I have really enjoyed the cheap amazon brand Baleaf that FredCook pointed out. They are a little warm, (and honestly a little dorky looking) but good for winter riding. I also like their chamois with gel. Hope you like swishy pants though cause these are loud when you are walking.

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      Not this but I wear the pants of thai and harem that looking really nice.

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      Really like the Zoic brand.

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      I bought a pair of surplus German Army Goretex weather pants from Sportsman’s guide.  Then I installed snaps on the legs to tighten them up.  For $25 I got a goretex rig!

      Also the German camo is a pattern called “Flecktarn”.  It’s kind of exotic in the USA.  kinda like it

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      Has anyone tried one of these? Their Weekendr tights worked well for me. Breathable and look super nice.

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      I ride with Arc’Teryx Sigma FL pants.  They are climbing pants and are slim, very flexible and have drawstrings at the cuff bottoms to cinch them on the drive side foot.  They work great.  A little pricey at $180.

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