anyone use a dropper post and DI2?

Forums Mountain Bike Forum anyone use a dropper post and DI2?

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      so on my HT (specialized Carbon Stumpjumper) i have xt 1×11 DI2 (a fantastic upgrade btw!) – i was looking at using a dropper post – but don’t know if there is one which will work with my internal battery on the DI2 (which is in the seat post) – anyone any experience of this?



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      First off, I’m guessing you’ll need an externally routed dropper post. Second, you’ll want to measure how much length you have in your seatpost before you run into the battery. I’m guessing you can find a dropper that will fit lengthwise, but it might not have as much travel as others on the market.

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      Agree completely on the Di2 “fantastic” statement. I’d been dismissing it as fad the past few years, but now, now I am a Di2 evangelist…heh, heh.

      So yes, I have Di2 and a Command Post dropper on my Pivot Mach429sl…..but my Di2 batt is located at the bottom of the downtube next to the bottom bracket, so I cannot offer any first hand advice, sorry.

      That said, I believe that Fox still has their DOSS dropper(?) which offers external cable routing, so -if- the Di2 batt is blocking the internal pathways of your seatpost that -may- be an option.

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      The Fox transfer is external and it is probably much better than the DOSS but I wouldn’t know, there are tons and tons of externally routed droppers our there these days….

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