Any mountain bikers on Discord?


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      My local MTB group has been using Discord to plan rides, chat about bikes, etc. and it’s pretty great. Anyone else using Discord?

      I just set up a Singletracks server if anyone wants to join:


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      I’m not very tech savvy and i dont know what disord is but I’ll try to figure it out.

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      Invalid credential…

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      Thankya, Jeff!

      Kinda fun place to be able to share information and trail stuff. I posted the South Canyon trail system which is a collaboration between city and club. Fortunately, the city owns the property and it is a significant acreage. Sunspot likes to ride there. The ascent is long and can be tedious but if a fella gets into their power band, it isn’t too shabby. Some is shaded, some is direct sun however, being in a narrow canyon setting, the direct sun part will be shaded more of the day than direct sun.

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