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      I’m looking into a low cost DH/freerid bike (NOT for racing), and I found the Iron Horse Yakuza Kumicho. It looked good, and I read some good reviews, but I’ve had my bad experances with lowcost bikes. Just wanted to know what your guyses thoughts are.

      And no, I wont get you thrown off any trails because I dont do what freeriding is steriotyped as. i REALY, free-ride.

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      If you’re looking for a less expensive freeride frame, I’d say that the Yakuza Kumicho is a very good choice. There’s not many components that would need to be upgraded right away (at least according to IH’s website specs), and the single-pivot with sealed bearings is a nice touch in the durability department.
      It’s a ride I wouldn’t kick out of bed….. 😼
      But I wouldn’t go any lower on their Yakuza model ladder, as the parts-specs start to get really crappy, and you’d end up spending the geld anyways to upgrade.

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      Thank you. And now to get the doe 😏 .

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      Well, I’ve decided to get the Kumicho and upgrade the fork to a, a… a……. oh crap. Hang on! *starts MSN messanger. looks in message history.* Some marcoozie (or how ever you spell their name).

      Any way, see you on the trails!

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      Please tell me it’s a Marzocchi 888RC2X! 😼

      Hell, if you slapped a 66VF2 on there, you’d be golden as well….

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      Actualy it was untill I saw the price tag lol. Fudgeing shiznocoughfell! I could get a demo9 for the price of that fork!

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      Holey crap nevermind! I just found it for sooo much less!

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