Anyone into the MTB & BMX in the Olympics?

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      But of course!!

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      When is the MTB race? Did i miss it already? I couldn’t stay up for the BMX last night. Will it be on again?

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      They showed the BMX racing event last night – took all of 10 minutes to show then right back to beach volley ball.

      Hope we get to see some of the mtb events as well.

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      "Mongoose" wrote

      That just figures! Our TV was still out due to TS Fay’s wrath here in Brevard County, FL. Total record flooding here! They are calling it "Historic Flooding", whereas the locals are calling it "Little Katrina". BTW, did May-Walsh win the gold. That’s my girls, and win or loose I am still very proud of them!

      In beach volleyball – they did – US mens also took gold in that event.

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      The men’s race: … de=sportcy

      The women’s race: … de=sportcy

      Crash highlights from the women’s race: … de=sportcy
      I usually don’t celebrate such things, but the first crash looks like the endo I did back in April. Second, it shows how ridiculously difficult some of these tech areas are. I know exactly how they feel when they pull up on the edge of these hills, look down and say, “I’m gonna die.â€

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