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    Anyone heading to Interbike this week? It seems the show may not be as well attended this year compared to past years, but it looks like it will still be a big show.

    For those who aren’t going to Interbike, is there anything specific you’d like us to report on?

    Aaron, Greg, and I will be at Outdoor demo tomorrow and at the indoor show on Wednesday and Thursday.

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    Yeah!…my request, please get info on internal gearbox mountain bikes available in the US. I continue to be fascinated by them, yet continue not to see them in -any- bike shops.  ….Also, lots and lots of “bike porn” photos please…..I love to live vicariously. 😉  Thanks!

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    Check out envelo at Outdoor Demo.  We’ve got a couple Polygon Square Ones you can have fun with.

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    Robert, Greg got on a pretty sweet bike with a Piñon so look for info soon!

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    Groovy!…looking forward to Greg’s report.


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