Anyone ever go on a guided, multi-day MTB tour?

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      I’m interested in hearing about experiences folks have had on multi-day, guided mountain bike tours like those offered by Sacred Rides, H&I, etc. Has anyone taken one of these? What was it like? What are the pros/cons to booking a trip like this where the itinerary, lodging, and most meals are all included?

      The closest thing I’ve done (outside of media trips) is a hut-to-hut trip with San Juan Huts Systems. It was pretty awesome and definitely worth the $$, though we didn’t have a guide and the lodging and meals were no-frills to say the least… I guess I’m wondering how the other half live. 🙂

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      Theres a few that run in NZ (I love NZ and as an Aussie thats hard for me to say) that I really want to check out but even though its only a 3 hour flight away the main thing for me is expense.

      Will get there 1 day though.

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        @Spookyshoes: “I love NZ and as an Aussie thats hard for me to say…”

        This goes both ways apparently.

        Meanwhile, Guided trips…yeah I’ve been on a few. The best in Europe was with Big Mountain through Switzerland and Italy. It was well managed, with great accommodations, dining and unreal (hardcore AM/Enduro/light Freeride stuff) riding. Highly reccomeneded and I will return at some point.


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      Exactly. There seem to be so many cool trips out there, but they’re all SO expensive. I’m just curious how many people have been able to take advantage of these types of trips…

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      I’ve done a few trips with Escape Adventures.  For a solo traveler, it’s nice to fly in, meet up at the specified hotel, and not have to worry about anything.  Just hang out at camp and ride.  They do all of the driving, bike maintenance, and handle any issues that come up.  Wake up to a hot breakfast and finish the day with a 3 course meal.  The prices on the camping trips were not that bad, although they have been going up the last few years.

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      I have been with Sacred Rides and had a good time. It only make sense if you go to another province, state or a country just because you don’t know the area and what exactly to expect. They will usually have two or more guides that will escort you thru the trails, help you if something brakes and ect. Also it’s nice to have a bad and three hot meals a day. It gets a little pricy but it’s much safer to go with a company like that then wondering by yourself into an unfamiliar places and get lost and ect.

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      There looks like an awesome trip in the Chilcotins in BC (South Chilcotin Provincial Park).  You can either be dropped in by float plane and ride self-supported out of the park.  Or you can be dropped in by float plane and be guided and assisted mini-camp to mini-camp.  Tyax Adventures is your outfitter.  My three sons and I have this one on our bucket list.  Hopefully in about three years.

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