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      In late February I picked up a Trek Fuel EX 5 27.5 Plus with 2.8″ tires.  This bike came with Bontrager Alloy, boost hubs.  6 months in and my bike is in the shop again because I blew up my 3rd rear hub.  I’ve been riding since the early 90’s and have never busted a hub before.  I was talking with some of the guys that I ride with, and found out that one of them broke two Hope Pro 4 boost hubs and another mentioned that he rides with a guy who broke a Chris King boost hub.  The only boost hub I HAVEN’T heard breaking is the DT Swiss 350, but that thing costs a fortune.  Oh, and most of us are in our 40’s and typically ride cross country – not too much launching or anything crazy going on.

      Anyway, I was just wondering if this was coincidence and my group of riding buddies are the only ones noticing this? Is the tech too new and still evolving?  Is it the terrain we’re riding up here in the northeast?  Am I cursed and bringing some weird anti-boost mojo to my group of riding friends?

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      Boost really just refers to the dimensions of the hub and doesn’t say anything about fabrication, design, etc. Seems like a coincidence but now I’m curious to know if others have had problems with those or other boost hubs…

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        I know that the Bontrager hub is a lower end hub, which is why I was surprised to hear guys having issues with the Hope & King hubs too.  Seemed to coincidental.  On the bright side, but LBS said that they would see if Trek would upgrade my rear hub since clearly, it ain’t cutting the mustard for me (and fortunately it’s still under warranty).

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      Interesting. How are the hubs breaking? Is it the freehub mechanism or the actual hub shell? Was it the same for the Hope and Chris King? And if you think that DT Swiss hub is expensive, check out the price for the King!

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      I have 3 sets of Hope Pro4 Boost hubs and 1 set of CK Boost hubs….zero issues

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      Interesting.  I have the same bike, and I beat the crap out of it with no hub issues.  Bad batch of hubs perhaps?

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      That must be a very defective boost hub to break. Even if its a bontrager.

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      The only hub I’ve ever destroyed personally was a Bontrager hub. This was about 4 years ago so I couldn’t possibly make any comparisons to their hub quality today, but I’ve never destroyed a Boost hub before. As Jeff said, whether or not the hub is Boost-spaced shouldn’t have anything to do with whether or not it can stand the test of time.

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      Interesting.  Must just be coincidence.  My LBS guy said that he had another guy with the Fuel EX5 just come back in for his 2nd rear hub.

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      Blew up the rear hub on my 2018 Stache 5. She’s in the shop right now

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        Heard another guy broke the rear hub on his 2018 Stache 5. I was helping a buddy installing the new lift kit and fender flares on his truck when his brother came and mentioned about the Stache 5 issue. I sounds a bad batch to me.

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      I am on my second hub in 6 months on my Stache 5. Two spokes too on this last hub replacement. I am a big guy, but well under the 300lb. Limit and don’t ride aggressively at all. It is the hub internals that grenade. There was another Stache 5 in the shop for similar issues when I was there.

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