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    Dual Slalom is the most intense, enjoyable, and spectator friendly event any mountain bike race promoter can produce. But I always thought the creation of dual slalom course was anything but simple.

    I thought I had to engineer a design, excavate tons of dirt, polish and pack huge berms, and promote this flavor of gravity mountain bike race like you would a Downhill or 4X event.

    What I found was that none of that is true!

    And to back that up, I put my research into two exclusive articles that go deep into promoting dual slalom events:

    The first one details how professional dual slalom courses are built:

    The second gives you in-depth guidelines for how you can build your own dual slalom race on the cheap:

    Both these articles prove a very important point: you too can actually build a dual slalom race! It doesn’t take a degree in civil engineering, nor bags of money.

    I just takes vision, determination, some creativity, and a solid strategy.

    Sure, implementing your plan you’ll require manpower, trail work, experimentation, permits, and marketing — but these are the same mechanics that any mountain bike race will need.

    But knowing that anyone can build a dual slalom race is a huge first step in getting your first gravity race off the ground.

    And knowing is half the battle!


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