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      Have a chance to get a good deal on some Box cranks. I know what I’ve heard, but wondering if that’s just people related to the company. Any first-hand experience? They claim to be the stiffest on the market. Going with 30mm spindle if I pop on em. They’re super light too. Can’t see how I can go wrong if they’re what everyone says. The deal I’m getting should be worth it if they’re as good as anything else in the $400 price range, but I’m getting a nice deal.

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      Are these going on a mountain bike? As far as I know, Box makes cranks for BMX but not for MTB currently. I don’t know enough about BMX to know if the cranks would be compatible with a MTB frame.

      Box makes good stuff though.

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        They’re mtb compatible. 104bcd, Just use spacers for mtb.They were used in some world cup racing and recognized for it because of the wins. Dont know if link will work, but check em out. Box Vector M30-p. They make a M35 with 35mm spindle for DH/Freeride with larger bottom brackets.

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        I’m gonna use the Box Vector M30-P cranks, Absolute Black 32T N/W oval chainring, SRAM GX type 2.1 10spd rd, Sunrace MX3 11-42 cassette, KMC X10 SL black and red chain to keep the black and red going, and I’m gonna use a SRAM GX 10spd shifter until or if I can justify spending $140 on the next step up for ONE shifter. Just thought that was kinda crazy. $40+/- for GX and next step up is $140+

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      Actually just watched a GMBN video on YouTube. They make high end rear derailleurs, shifter, cassettes, full drivetrains. Haven’t fully navigated the website, so now I may end up with a full Box kit. I can get killer deals on all of it and it’s suppose to be awsome, and the derailleur body is even carbon for weight and has some really cool features. Apparently make hubs too because Neal said the cassettes are compatible with Shimano or Box free hubs

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