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      I was the guy on the XC Hardtail you passed on all stages of the Enduro. I need a bike i can decend on and not feel like im going to die. Any suggestions? Most of the riding i do is XC but i make trips to some nice downhill singletrack stuff at least once a month. I’m Not going to spend more than $5k. Cheaper would be better. Otherwise im just looking for some point outs.


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      Are you saying you want to stay on HT, or saying you want to go FS to be faster on descents? If FS you might look at a Giant Trance Advanced.

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      If your budget is (up to) $5K, there are SO MANY great choices! We need to narrow this down a bit. 🙂

      • Do you want to do more enduro racing? You say you mostly ride XC but it seems like you also dabble in enduro racing which is pretty aggressive.
      • Where do you live? What are the trails you ride the most like: technical or smooth and flowy, lots of climbing or rolling terrain, etc.
      • How tall are you? If you’re of an extreme height (short or tall) this might point toward a particular wheel size.
      • Do you have any brand preferences? Do you have a good selection of brands at your local bike shops, or are certain brands going to be tough to get?


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      Thanks for the responses, i actually went ahead with this bike from Jenson;

      I decided i really shouldn’t spend $5,000 on a bike and i made $3,000 my max.

      Once i found this bike i couldn’t believe the price for the build on it. I couldn’t find anything really bad around the internet about Banshee.  I haven’t read things “bad” about any particular brand anyway, so to me it all comes down to type, build and price. Maybe looks and color come into play too…

      I wanted to go All Mountain and because i’m 6’1″ and do a lot of XC the guy at Jenson thought i should go 29er. My Hard tail is a 27.5 so this will be new to me.

      Anyway, I’ve got some time to try it out and decide if its the one or not.

      Feedback is appreciated.

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      I have never had a bad experience with Jenson.

      If you are scared during downhill, make sure you buy some protective gear:

      (a) It will make you FEEL more confident.

      (b) It will keep you out of the Emergency Room if (a) fails to do the job.

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