Anybody out there in PA?

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      Greetings from Northern Schuylkill county. Anyone out there riding in eastern PA


      Been doing some on the road with the mountain bike. The ground just never seems to clear enough to hit the trails this winter. Snow is one thing but ice is just too risky!

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      How’s it going?

      I ride in NEPA near Wilkes Barre. Lot’s of snow here as of late and now rain. Been riding, but nice weather would be great!

      How about you?


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      I got out more in January than any winter month – as much because of time constraints as anything. You’re right about the snow and rain – just enough to either be a hypothermia risk from rain or too many of those pesky ice patches to dodge and that you can’t see soon enough after dark (and that keep you off the shoulders of roads so you don’t get run over 😢 ) I had the dog out the last week scoping out some old mine roads outside of Shenandoah, PA. I was going to go out on them Friday but it was just to much of a flooded mess after all fo the thawing and rain. Every walk with the dog was imediately followed with a bath for the dog. Pretty sloppy!

      Where near WB do you ride :?: The only riding I have done in that area was on the path that runs along the Kingston side of the river near market st. (as well as some of the trails that the motocross riders use that are across the dike from the Market St park) I was only in the area briefly to do a kitchen remodel and went for a ride while some spackling was drying. I did go into a local bike shop in Kingston and saw a DCNR pamphlet for some state park in the area with some fairly short loop trails but never went to check it out.

      It’s a shame this winter has been so wet and icy. The temps really haven’t been that bad. Just enough to keep hazardous areas frozen. It’s particularly rough in Schuylkill Co. to get the road miles in (when trails are too bad) because – at least in the northern part of the county – there probably aren’t more than 3 or 4 people who ride road or mountain bikes. Going for a ride in this "neck of the woods" means grabin’ some booze and polishing it off while driving 100 miles in your car in an evening with your buddies – all the while tossing the empties on the road so that the shoulders look like a garbage dump. Also, if it isn’t football, baseball, basketball or wrestling, it really isn’t a sport in the Shendo 462 mindset.

      Going to try to get out onto trails a little bit tomorrow. Got work Tuesday.

      Welcome to the forum (writes the guy with two more posts than your one 😆 )


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      Sounds like you have lot’s of area to ride! Friends of mine ride at Mainville. I have done a loop with them from Roaring Creek to Mt Carmel. Nice area! I’m sure we will hit it this summer. As for our area we have lot’s here also,

      I have to update my name here on the forum since we formed our group NEPMTBA North East Mountain Biking Association. We do a weekly Tuesday night ride at Frances Slocum State Park from April to September. Might be the DCNR booklet you saw at Main Bike World. Chuck works there and he can help you with info if ever your there again. Your always invited to ride with us and you will meet lot’s of guys who ride from all over he area. It’s actually good to have an area where the locals don’t know too much abort Mt bikes That was they leave you alone. What I mean is there not yelling at you for riding around different areas.

      I will be posting here more now since I have time, hope to get the post count up and the ride count also. Keep riding cause it’s what you enjoy even if your area doesn’t have the rider base it will grow. We stepped up and organized and people came out of the wood work. Our group started with two guys.

      Almost forgot to add:

      Check it out lot’s of info and pics

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      Well it looks like today is a good day to get out. The wind is drying things up nicely. My fiance’s coworkers started getting interested and started riding last year. I have been picking up good deals on used MTB’s and "comfort" MTB’s as appropriate. So, this summer will at least start some organized rail trail riding for this informal group of newbies and families in the Jim Thorpe/Coaldale/Tamaqua area. The nephew who spends WAY TOO MUCH time in front of video games and the like got a Gary Fisher for Christmas and is going to go riding with us this summer too. It is a lot better when you have some folks to ride with. The girlfriend does very well on the technical but when I go out pounding it hard she would get dropped so I have to back off enough that a lot of the workout value is gone.

      It was Main st bikes where I saw the Slocum Park pamphlet. I had an old threaded road fork that I needed to get cut down and was in the shop.

      We do have a lot of old mining roads and areas where ATV’s frequent that give us ample trails to ride. Behind St. Clair, PA and outside of Delano, Park Place, Trenton (all outside of Mahanoy City) there are trails that go for MILES.

      I’ve done the Rt 54 to Rt 42 developed path at Roaring creek and the double track that parallels it on the top of South ridge above the creek and resevior. I’m not sure where the trail travels to get from roaring creek to Mt Carmel. I’ll have to look for that one.

      Happy Trails!
      Frank D

      I’ll be riding a lot in Berks

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      I checked your club page. Looking forward to giving it a better look later!

      See Ya!

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      Lebanon County here and new to the site looking for places and people to ride with in Pa Will be picking up my Jamis Durango1 on May 1,2009
      Christmas in May and figures i have little girl that weekend so i only get to watch it sit instead of riding then again my little girl in my #1 reason to live so its OK

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